Q1 What type of microSD card should I use?

To consistently achieve the best results with your X4, use UHS-I microSD cards with a V30 or above speed class and exFAT format. Using incompatible microSD cards may cause issues while recording, and footage may be damaged or not usable.

Notice: Do not use UHS-II/UHS-III microSD/TF cards, or memory cards larger than 1TB. These cards are not compatible and may cause issues while recording.

Q2 Approximately how much memory does the X4 consume per minute of footage?

The file size under normal recording conditions

Resolution Bitrate File Size per Minute
8K30fps High Bitrate 1.5GB
5.7K30fps High Bitrate 700MB
8K30fps Standard Bitrate 1GB
5.7K30fps Standard Bitrate 500MB

*Since the SD card is used not only for storing footage but also needs to reserve some space for recording cache, approximately 1-2GB is needed. Therefore, a discrepancy of 1-2GB from the data in the table is within the normal range.

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