Waterproofing and Dustproofing

Q1 Is X3 waterproof?

Yes, X3 is IPX8 waterproof to 10 meters (33 feet). To go deeper, use the Invisible Dive Case to take X3 down to 50 meters (164 feet).

Please pay attention to the following points to ensure your camera remains waterproof:
a. Before use, make sure that the USB lock cover, battery lock cover, and the battery’s rubber seal are intact and functioning properly. If there are any issues or you are unsure please contact Insta360 Support. Note: Strong vibrations, shock, or pressure to the camera may compromise the waterproofing performance.
b. When using in or around water, dirt, or sand, make sure to properly close the battery lock cover and USB lock cover (the yellow indication marks should not be visible and you should hear a clicking sound when they are closed correctly).
c. Always ensure that the battery lock cover and USB lock cover are free from any foreign objects before closing. If necessary, clean with a soft, dust-free cloth.

Q2 Can the X3 perform underwater shooting without a dive case?

While X3 is waterproof, be aware that — due to underwater light refraction — seamless stitching is not possible without using a specialized Dive Case. We recommend using the X3 Dive Case (coming soon) for best stitching results. The Dive Case should also be used in high velocity water conditions, e.g. surfing. With the Dive Case, X3 is waterproof to 50m (164ft).

Q3 How is the dust-proof performance?

The X3 performs well in avoiding dust buildup, and has an added metal dust net in the microphone slot to avoid excess dust.

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