8.1 Common camera problems

8.1.1 Unable to boot

First put the battery into your camera and connect charger adapter to camera DC port, and check the adapter's indicator light and camera indicator light;

  • If adapter indicator light is not on, but the AC line connection is normal, the problem may be caused by the adapter. It is recommended to change the adapter to test;

  • If adapter indicator light is on, but camera indicator light is not, the problem may lies in camera malfunction, you can contact technical support.

8.1.2 Key failure

If a key does not work, it possibly is due to system halt or keypad failure.

It is recommended to press power button to restart the camera.

If after restarting, the key is still unable to work, it may be keypad failure. Please contact technical support team.

8.1.3 OLED not bright

If the OLED screen isn't on, it is possibly caused by failed boot or system halt.

To find out whether the camera is on or not, you can check whether LED indicator is normal or whether the fan runs smoothly.

If systems are stuck, it is recommended to press reset hole to restart the camera to test.

If camera operates normally, but the restart fails to solve the problem, please contact technical support team.

8.1.4 Fans do not work

If the fans do not work during filming, please check whether the fan mode is set to Off on camera settings.

If fan mode is on, or fans do not rotate during non-shooting period, it is likely caused by fan fault and it is recommended to contact technical support team.

8.1.5 USB 3.0 port cannot be identified

First please ensure that equipment is compatible, and then test multiple compatible devices. If all of them are not identified, it may be USB port failures, and you are recommended to contact technical support team.