2. Special functions of Pro 2

(1) FlowState Stabilization
Pro 2 hardware is equipped with nine-axis gyroscopes and implements FlowState super stabilization against moving scenes.

(2) Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) photography, which allows you to select 3, 5, 7, 9 photos
Pro 2 adds AEB photography mode (HDR mode needing post synthesis in Pro 1 equals 3 AEB photos). You can choose to shoot 3, 5, 7, 9 photos with equal intervals for post synthesis to be high dynamic range photos.

(3) All photo modes can be photographed in Raw+jpg formats
Raw+jpg formats are available to all the shooting modes of Pro 2 (general single shooting, AEB shooting, Burst 10 groups of photos, Time-lapse delay photography). Images in both dng and jpg formats will be stored.

(4) HDR video
Some video modes in Pro 2 allow you to shoot videos with HDR high dynamic range effect and are suitable for shooting scene with large light ratio.

(5) Multi-channel shooting, higher rate, wider color gradation and better quality
Pro 2 has 7 cards stored inside, including 6 TF (MicroSD) cards plus 1 SD card. While storing real-time stitching with low bitrate proxy video into SD card, it can store high bitrate original chip into 6 TF (MicroSD) cards, up to 120 Mbps rate, which is equivalent to 3 times that of Pro 1 bitrate, with better image quality details. Pro 2 takes YUVJ420P, a wider range of colors than Pro 1, which is able to show brighter colors and darker colors.

(6) Dual antenna, far and more stable signals
An external antenna is added to ensure smooth control preview within 0 ~ 20 m and the distance is doubled compared with Pro 1. GPS module and antenna are added to the camera itself and no extra GPS accessory is needed, so as to avoid the clutter of external accessories and interference to signal when shooting street view.

(7) Farsight system support
Pro 2 carries Farsight, which is the latest invented graph transmission system by Insta360, which can achieve smooth manipulation of long distance. Communication distance is as long as 300 meters in the ground-to-ground open environment without shelter and 1 km in the air-to-air environment without shelter. Moreover, Farsight can also support Pro 1 for manipulation.