Q1. What kind of Micro SD cards does ONE R support?
To consistently achieve the best results with your ONE R, you should use UHS-I Micro SD cards with a V30 or above speed class and exFAT format, or the shooting may stop and the footage may be damaged by the unmatched storage cards.
Note: UHS-II and UHS-III Micro SD/TF cards are not compatible with ONE R.


We recommend only purchasing name-brand microSD cards through official resellers. The cards below have been tested to work well with ONE R.

SD Card Model Number Capacity Speed Class
Sandisk Extreme V30 A1 SDSQXVF-032G-GN6MA 32G V30
Sandisk Extreme Pro V30 A1 SDSQXCG-032G-GN6MA 32G V30
Sandisk Extreme Pro V30 A1 SDSQXCG-064G-GN6MA 64G V30
Sandisk Extreme V30 A1 SDSQXAF-128G-GN6MA 128G V30
Sandisk Extreme V30 A2 SDSQXAF-128G-GN6MA 64G V30
Sandisk Extreme V30 A2 Sandisk Extreme V30 A2 256G V30

*For best results, we recommend to back up files regularly and refer to Formatting your MicroSD Card to format your microSD card regularly.

Q2. What is the maximum storage size ONE R supports?

Q3. How many minutes of video captured by ONE R can a 32GB memory card store?
In theory, one minute of 5.7K video is about 750MB, so a 32GB memory card is expected to store 43 minutes of video.
The actual storable duration may vary depending on the shooting scene or shooting mode, which can be viewed directly in the upper left corner of ONE R’s touch screen or viewed in the app after connecting to a mobile phone.

Q4. How to format the memory card?
If you want to format the memory card, please back up your files first and refer to the tutorial to format.

Q5. What should I do if the card has been inserted as required but the indicator light is blinking blue?
If the micro SD card has been inserted into ONE R, but the indicator light is flashing blue, please check the following points:

  1. Confirm that the micro SD card used meets the requirements of ONE R: UHS-I, V30, SDXC,and micro SD card in exFAT format;
  2. Confirm that the card is installed correctly;
  3. Please backup the file and tutorial.

Q6 Can I use a Lexar Micro SD card with ONE R?
In light of feedback from users that the card speed is insufficient when using Lexar Micro SD cards, it is recommended to use the above-mentioned officially tested SanDisk Micro SD cards to avoid similar issues. If you have purchased a non-recommended V30 Micro SD card, please back up the files and format the card in the camera and try again. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact the customer service.

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