The MultiView feature has been upgraded in the ONE R app for iOS versions 1.3.0 and above. The app can now track your face and keep you in frame in a small vlog window. The new MultiView is perfect for showing the action in front of you and your face in the same video.

*Note: MultiView is only available for 360 video

For best results, hold the camera naturally at arm’s length in front of you. Or mount the camera on the handle of a motorcycle or bicycle facing you.

  1. Enter the app album and open the video you want to edit.

  2. Tap the "MultiView " icon on the far right.

  3. Select a starting point and tap the “+” icon.

  4. Scroll along the timeline to select the video portion you’d like to switch to MultiView and tap ✔ to finish. The app will generate the selfie view automatically.

  5. When the app finishes recognition, your face will be in frame in the vlog window at the top right image

  6. To cancel the effect, tap the MultiView icon again, tap the orange bar over the timeline and tap the trash icon.

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