Updating Firmware

Firmware updates will be regularly available for both GO 2 and the Charge Case.
Before updating, make sure that GO 2 and the Charge Case have at least 50% battery remaining. Learn how to check the remaining battery.

Update via PC

  1. Click here to go to the firmware download page, then download the latest firmware version to your PC.
  2. Put GO 2 in the Charge Case, then connect it to your PC via cable.
  3. Copy the unzipped InstaGo2FW.pkg file into the root directory of GO 2.
    Note: Please make sure you delete the old firmware pkg file (if there is one) and keep the file name and suffix of the unzipped firmware unchanged.
  4. Disconnect the Charge Case from your computer and GO 2 will power off automatically. Close the Charge Case and open it again, then GO 2 will power on and start updating the firmware with slow-flashing cyan light. After finishing GO 2's firmware update, the Charge Case will start to update its firmware as well. Please keep the Charge Case open. After the updates finish, the case will restart.
  5. After all updates are complete, use the Mode Button on the Charge Case to navigate to Settings -> About -> FW version to confirm the firmware version of the GO 2 camera and the Charge Case.

Update via the Insta360 App

  1. Connect GO 2 to your phone via the Insta360 App; Learn how to connect.
  2. When you're due an update, the app will give you an update notice. When you see this, tap 'Download'.
  3. After downloading, follow the on-screen instructions to connect to GO 2 and upload the firmware.
  4. After uploading, GO 2 will start updating automatically. Please keep the Charge Case open. The Charge Case will restart automatically after the update is complete.
  5. You can check the current firmware version in two ways:
    • Hold the Mode Button for 2 seconds to navigate to Settings, then find About > Fw version.
    • Enter the settings page in the app and check under Camera Settings.

Please click here to contact us for further support.